Confidence and authenticity smell good, and since day one, back in 1998, we have made it our mission to create for you a wide range of exciting fragrances based on this knowledge. Through all these years, we have been leading the race on bringing out your true self, and on boosting your confidence to live and experience the world in a straightforward way.

By creating a variety of high-quality products, and through important collaborations, we are here to arm you with your own tempting smell, and with the genuine confidence a man needs. This is our legacy!

We are proud of our fragrance collection because it stands out not only with its iconic tin packaging, but also with its scents, selected to help you build and express your identity with true confidence.

This is what our latest campaign is all about. Starring real men that live authentically and with confidence boosted by their favorite STR8 scent, the brand manifesto “Spray your truth” inspires you to be genuine and true.